4 Resolutions to a healthy new year

4 Resolutions to a Healthy New Year

The new year is here and the holiday season keeps coming. With get togethers with family and friends come desserts and indulgence of many sorts. It’s the time of year to embrace what you love, who you love, and enjoy the little things in life. With this is mind, it’s also time to love yourself. Having the first of the year nearly here, it’s a great time to prioritize you and your health.

We’ve compiled 4 great New Year’s resolutions to keep you, your body, and your smile shining bright as well as healthy in 2018!

1) Revisit Hygiene Habits

1) Revisit Hygiene Habits

This resolution has probably made your list at least once in the past, but we are here to bring it up again because preventive care is the simplest thing once can do to remain healthy. A daily regiment of brushing twice a day is a must and for those who don’t, they’re likelihood of contracting cavities or, worse yet, gum disease is much greater than those who take the time to do so. How much time you ask? Two minutes twice a day to be exact. To further your oral health and to brighten your smile even more, flossing at least once a day (usually before bed) is highly recommended as most toothbrushes fail to completely remove food and plaque from in between your teeth. Becoming a rockstar with hygiene, both brushing and flossing, will not only improve your oral health, but will keep your breath fresh, teeth white, and greatly reduce your risk of emergency dental care in the future. So do your teeth, gums, and breath a favor, take the time to thoroughly brush all of your teeth and mouth as well as mix in some floss between all those pearly whites before bed! You’ll notice a difference in no time, trust me.

Schedule a Dental Visit

2) Schedule a Dental Visit

Shocker, a dentist saying to schedule a dental visit. We know how it goes, and yes we are here to beat the metaphorical “dead horse”. You’re probably thinking schedule a dentist appointment now in the middle of the holidays? Life is beyond crazy and money is at a low due to gifts. So you say to yourself “I’ll make that appointment after the new year”. But the new year comes and so does everything else that comes with it. Let’s face it, March is here and you still haven’t scheduled that appointment. Sadly, nearly a 50% of Americans do not visit the dentist on a regular basis and is why the rate of gum disease, something so preventable, is so astonishingly high. Almost half of US adults have some form of gum disease! Yes, I said half! Let’s nip that in the bud, and see your dentist every 6 months. There’s a reason for those swollen gums and / or blood after flossing, it’s called gingivitis which can lead to much more harmful things. You should see the dentist every 6 months, and once you get to the office you can even schedule your next one before you walk out the door. Heck, we are even so inclined to remind you before that next visit, because 6 months is quite some time to remember Thursday the 7th at 1:00PM.

Cut out the sweets

3) Cut Out the Sugary Sweets

It’s the holidays and the delectable treats are flowing in abundance. From cookies to candy canes, it seems as if the reign of sugar follows you where ever you go. Sugar is a tough one, it takes so sweet and after exposing it to your tongue it actually will train your tastebuds to crave it. It tastes so good, but comes with a lengthy list of harm. From weight gain to tooth decay, sugar aint to sweet after all. In fact, it is the leading cause of tooth decay and tooth loss.

Not only will you start feeling better, have more energy, your smile will thank you too! The reduction in sugar doesn’t have to happen over night, begin with small changes. Put down the soft drink for something like sparkling water or kombucha. Even make the switch to sugarless gum and, of course, limit both desserts as well as quantity of said desserts. Cutting out the sweets isn’t very fun, however your body, mind, and mouth will thank you!

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4) Quit the Cancer Sticks

It’s no mystery now of the harm cigarettes cause. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that regular use of tobacco products doubles your risk of gum disease. A healthy mouth heals itself extremely quickly by shedding layers to rejuvenate damaged areas. As for tobacco users, this does not happen. Smoking and chewing has an adverse affect to  immune system, making it difficult for your mouth to fight off infections. With this line of defense not doing what it’s supposed to do, it makes for an easier attack of gum disease which weakens the bone structure in your mouth and jaw.  Ignoring the many warning signs will eventually cause gums to pull away from your teeth and in some cases cause teeth to fall out.

Quitting can be extremely difficult, we get that, but do everything in your power to kick the disgusting and expensive habit. Find healthy alternatives when the cravings begin, but there are other means to help you with stopping. Furthermore, rely on a support system, friends and family shouldn’t be left in the dark about your goals. Have them hold you accountable. Use your resources around you, the laundry  list of negatives tied to tobacco seem to be never ending. Don’t let it control you any longer!

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and to better yourself! Health in it’s entirety starts with your mouth, from what you eat to how you take care of it. So love yourself and start the new year on the right foot with  habits that will benefit you through and through. If you have any questions, or would like to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to call us at (305) 676-7846 or reach us online!