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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Toothbrush

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Toothbrush

Everyone knows the importance of brushing your teeth, but not everyone knows that choosing the right toothbrush is just as important! As your trusted local Miami dentist, our dental team wants to make sure you have all the knowledge you need to keep your smile healthy and happy for years to come!

So, let’s take a bite out of this! We’re bringing you 7 facts that you didn’t know about the importance of your toothbrush.

Choosing the Right Brush

Choosing the right toothbrush may seem like a simple process, but too many people have the wrong toothbrush for them. When you’re shopping for a toothbrush, there are many factors that you’ll need to consider, and it isn’t as simple as just picking up an electric toothbrush and saying you’re done.

1. Manual Brushes Can Be as Good as Electric Brushes

While you may have seen plenty of commercials that claim otherwise, plenty of people can do well with a manual toothbrush. While an electric toothbrush can make cleaning your teeth easier, what really matters is your technique.

2. Stick to Soft Bristles

Many companies produce a variety of bristle stiffness options. Soft, medium and stiff bristles are the most common. However, at MaDental & Associates, we recommend that you use medium or stiff bristles, you should always stick to soft toothbrushes.

3. Size Matters

It may seem like a toothbrush are one-size-fits-all, but that’s far from the truth. Some people need smaller brushes and others need larger ones. If you have particularly hard-to-reach spots in your mouth, you’ll definitely benefit from a smaller brush head.

4. Get a Grip!

Another overlooked aspect of the humble toothbrush is its handle. You’ll want to find a grip that’s good and comfortable for you. Some people prefer traditional straight grips, while other people do better with angled grips. Find the handle that is most comfortable for you and allows you to get the best angle for hard to reach places.

5. Always Look for the Seal

Whenever you’re shopping for a new brush, look for the ADA seal of approval. This means that the design has been tested and certified by the American Dental Association, and it has been deemed safe and effective.

6. Replace it Regularly

As toothbrushes see more use, they grow less useful. Be sure to replace your brush or brush head every three months or whenever it begins to show signs of wearing out.

7. Talk to Your Dentist

“Where is there a Miami dentist near me?” That should be one of the questions you’re asking yourself when you’re brushing up on your oral hygiene. We’re a five-star dentist near you, and we’re always happy to help you learn how to better brush your teeth.

Schedule a visit today! Your dental health matters, and we want you to have the best smile!

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