Whether you’re ready or not, Fall is upon us… That meaning a new year is just around the corner! Yes, 2018 is almost here, and, I’m sure, when you’re thinking of end of the year plans, going to the dentist doesn’t come to mind.. However, if you know these awesome money-saving tips, your plans just might change! Learn why you should use your dental benefits before the year comes to a close…

Before we dive into money-saving tips, you must know how dental insurance benefits work..

Depending on your plan, dental benefits aren’t required to roll over with the new year and the majority of plans renew in January. Each year, thousands of people lose hundreds of dollars in benefits by simply not using them. Worst part, typically they’ve already paid for them. The most common dental plan covers the traditional calendar year, meaning from January – January. However, if you signed up at a different time, some opt to do the fiscal route and the plan can start / stop during a different month. Make sure to check with your provider on when your plan began and will end. This simple task could save you hundreds of dollars and here’s how!


The yearly maximum is a set amount of money your dental insurance plan is willing to cover within one full insurance year. Your plan and company will dictate the amount and sometimes they do vary, but the average generally is around $1,000 a person / a year. So check with your provider to see when your maximum renews itself. If not used, benefits will go to waste when the new insurance year starts, yikes!


A deductible is the amount of money required “out of pocket” by you to your dentist before your insurance benefits kick in. Deductible fees will depend on plan, coverage, or if you see an “out of network” dentist. However, the average plan deductible for insurance is around $50 per year. The deductible will renew itself when the insurance year is over just like the maximum!


Regardless if dental treatments are needed, you should always have a 6 month check up! This check up is to prevent and detect early signs of disease, cancer, cavities, or any other potential problems. In addition, most people are already paying premiums each month.. So you might as well use the benefits receive!


Generally insurance plans never stay the same for the next year which is another reason to use your benefits. At the beginning of the year some insurance companies and dentists raise rates at the beginning of the year due to additional overhead or other mitigating factors. These fees aren’t always included to monthly payments either, copay costs are also susceptible to increase. Schedule your appointment while your costs are fixed.


6 month check ups are vital to maintaining your oral and overall health for years to come. These checkups save patients money because they stop problems very early before the can worsen into a major problem! Use your head and use those benefits before it’s too late, schedule an appointment now.

Put Your Un-used Dental Benefits to Work!