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Successful School Smiles


Successful School Smiles

Back to school means back to the dentist! Back to school dental visits should be part of the back to school routine. Did you know that dental disease causes children to miss more than 51 million school hours each year? That’s why it’s essential to schedule your back to school dental visit at MaDental & Associates before school begins. Here are a few suggestions for those perfect back to school smiles!

Ditch Dental Anxiety

Are you the parent who encourages your child to go to the dentist all the while you have dental anxiety? We know you, we see you, and we don’t judge you. We help smiles of all ages from your kids to you! It’s important to model for your children. They can sense change and read your body language, facial expressions, and more. Try your best to ditch that dental anxiety during their visit!

Habits & Routine

The best thing we can do as parents is to start brushing at a young age to promote good oral hygiene routine. Having a hygiene routine enables children to create good habits and good oral health – a winning combination. We recommend introducing a toothbrush as soon as that first tooth appears to create a positive relationship with brushing. Here’s a breakdown of different ages:

Six & Under:

The age where they want to do everything themselves.. even if they can’t, right? We get it! Allow your children to brush by themselves. It helps them practice good brush technique and gain that feeling of independence they crave. We do recommend following up their brushing with a brush of your own. Following behind children helps get those new teeth and hard to reach places that weren’t there a few months ago. Their mouths are growing so we have to encourage independence and simultaneously encourage optimal oral health!

7-12 years:

The age range where they should know what is expected of them and how to execute a task. They may be a little reluctant but this is where reminders are key. Reminder them about their oral health and why it’s so important to continue a good routine. As always, the monkey see monkey do adage still applies. If they see mom and or dad continuing these healthy practices it’s more likely they will follow suit!

12-18 years:

This is one of the most critical time for dental health. At this age children take on a new mantra

The “it won’t happen to me” belief. As this feeling of invincibility grows they begin to think that their teeth can’t be affected by their decisions. This means that children who have yet to have a cavity may think they can skip brushing here and there. As kids get more active in extracurriculars, school work, and social circles they tend to shorten flossing and brushing to make time. As parents it’s important to help them understand that these habits will carry over into adulthood. Continue to encourage them to make well informed dental decisions.



Schedule & Save

Time flies when you’re having fun! Between the birthdays, vacations, and barbecues dental visits seem to be all but forgotten. School season always sneaks up when we least expect it! This leaves many families trying to schedule in August which is one of our busiest months at MaDental & Associates dentistry. Make a note on your calendar to call the dentist the first day of summer break and schedule your appointment.

Get on their level

Children can get upset at their visit which leads to mom or dad feeling frazzled, or leaving altogether. Getting frazzled or leaving reinforces negative experiences at the dentist making the next visit much more challenging. It’s important to remember that having fears is understood and normal. Getting on their level and understanding their behavior at its core is essential. Try to determine if they’re acting out to cause a reaction, to get their way, or because they’re genuinely afraid.

At MaDental & Associates in Miami, Florida we work with you and your child to help make this experience memorable in the best way. We understand that there may be some anxiety and we’re happy to work through it with you! We want to work together as a team to make sure your child feels at ease, the teeth can be examined and cleaned, and so that your child wants to return.

Schedule your appointment with the Dentists at MaDental & Associates today to combat sensitive teeth!