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How To Have a Healthier Smile in the New Year


How To Have a Healthier Smile in the New Year

The year is once again coming to an end, which means that many are now taking time to consider their New Year’s resolutions. And while many people want to exercise more or get in touch with their creative side, they tend to overlook another extremely important place for improvement: their dental health! As strange as it may seem, the health of your teeth is key to your health in general. If you want to improve your smile, here are just a few tips from MaDental & Associates to get started:

Better Brushing, Better Smile

Sure, everyone knows that brushing your teeth is key to your dental health. Who doesn’t? But what many fail to do is establish a consistent routine. To keep your smile in tip-top shape, you should be brushing twice a day for about 2 minutes, and flossing at least once. This helps to break up plaque, which left unchecked will eat away your enamel. Your enamel is what protects you from cavities, but it doesn’t regenerate, so once it’s gone, it’s gone, so take good care of it!

Start Using Fluoride

While you can’t grow back your enamel, you can certainly protect it! You’ve probably seen toothpaste ads mention their toothpaste’s fluoride content, but what does it mean? Fluoride is known for strengthening enamel against plaque, making it more resistant to decay. When you use fluoride toothpaste, you not only break up the plaque by brushing, but take preventative action against further plaque damage.

Go Electric

If you’ve looked at electric toothbrushes before but balked at the price, be rest assured that it’s worth every penny. A manual toothbrush is much less effective in getting out that deep-rooted plaque, and if you tend to press down hard, can even cause your gums to become inflamed. An electric toothbrush is more effective and more efficient than a normal toothbrush, and even more sustainable! When the head wears out, all you have to do is install a new head, rather than throwing the whole thing out. Combined with an integrated 2-minute timer to make sure you’re brushing for the perfect amount of time, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking the plunge and going electric.

Drink Up!

It’s no myth– water pretty much does everything in the human body. So many health issues are tied back to dehydration, and your dental health is no different. As water is sugar free and non-acidic unlike other common drinks, it won’t damage your teeth, and helps to wash out pieces of food or other debris in your teeth. The recommended amount of water per day is 64 fluid ounces, so get drinking!

Come See Us!

A trip to the dentist at MaDental & Associates doesn’t have to be for an emergency! Sure, we offer procedures like fillings and root canals, but we also offer so much more! We can perform regular maintenance by getting rid of stubborn tartar buildup, recommending products tailored to your needs, and even just giving a few extra pointers. Just 1-2 checkup appointments per year will make all the difference to your smile, so you can flash those pearly whites with pride! No matter what you need, just pay MaDental & Associates a visit in Miami! Your smile is in good hands!

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