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Your Best Smile in Three Steps

best smile in three steps

Your Best Smile in Three Steps

Your smile is one of the best assets you can have. It’s what makes you stand out and is often the first thing someone notices about you during a first impression. That’s why achieving your best smile should be on your  list of new year’s resolutions. Changing your smile for the better doesn’t take millions or several years, it can be done in three simple steps! 

1. Limiting Exposure

Overtime, your smile will dim with age so it’s up to you to protect your enamel throughout your life. Even though your teeth are the hardest part of your body they are covered by porous enamel that cannot withstand acidic substances like coffee, tomato sauce, wine and other stain causing agents. It’s important to limit your exposure by reducing the frequency or exposure, opting for a straw, and drinking water directly after contact. Practicing these habits will help protect your teeth and ultimately your smile. 

2. Refining Routines

Sometimes routines can feel a bit monotonous. That’s why refining your routine can help you see things you can improve or things you may have been missing. Brushing twice daily will help deter plaque and tartar build up. It’s also important to get a soft bristle brush and not to brush too vigorously so your teeth aren’t damaged overtime. After all, your teeth are the only non-repairing part of your body so it’s important to go easy on them. Incorporating flossing every day also helps! It can get the hard-to-reach places, removing leftover food debris which deters cavities and improves your breath! 

3. See Your Dentist!

Seeing your dentist for a dental cleaning may not be at the top of your to do list, but in 2023 it’s time to make it a priority. Whether it’s for a tooth filling, dental exam, or a thorough dental cleaning, your local dentist and team of hygienists can help you get the smile you’ve been longing for. Scheduling a dental appointment has never been easier with online scheduling or a quick call to the office. 

 Smiling can lead to many things like an increase in friends, social circles, and even success. Studies have shown that smiling more makes you more likable which is noticed by your colleagues, peers, and even your superiors making you more likely to succeed. It’s time to put your best smile forward this year and schedule your dental appointment with your local Miami dentist today. MaDental & Associates has a team of experienced dentists and dental hygienists eagerly waiting to help you get your healthiest best looking smile yet!

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